The mission of the Cameroon GCE Board

Today, we will be talking about the Mission of the Cameroon GCE Board since its creation. The GCE Board in Cameroon has experience some rapid improvements and has been in charge of overseeing, setting, and correcting the Secodary school main examination of the classes of form 5 and Uppersixth (GCE Ordinary Lev and Advanced Level)

When the GCE Board first started, only the GCE O/Level and Advanced or A/Level existed. Currently, it is the organization throughout the National Territory in charge of the Technical and Vocational Education Examination as well as the Intermediate Level Technical and Vocational Education Examination Advanced.

A brief history of the Cameroon GCE Board

After the Cameroonisation of the London GCE in 1977, things went on smoothly until 1984. From 1984 onwards, the GCE began experiencing irregularities as some London officials began withdrawing. Beginning from 1990, when the University of London Examination and Assessment Council withdrew completely from the role it had played so far on the Cameroon GCE, the irregularities became even more alarming. Some of these irregularities included,

  • The used of GCE questions reserved for future sessions for Entrance Examinations into ENS in 1990,
  • Change of the format of the GCE question papers in 1991 without prior notice to candidates, poor printing,
  • Wrong pagination,
  • Wrong spellings,
  • Shortage of question papers and materials,
  • Late arrival of question papers and the postponement of some papers,
  • Wrong instructions on question papers and examination leakages.

 In response to this popular demand, the Prime Minister of the Republic signed an order (Nº: 194/CAB/PM of 11th September 1992) creating a Technical Committee to carry out studies and make recommendations on the organization and functioning of the GCE Examination Board.

Heads of the GCE Board

Mr. AZONG Wara Andrew

Registrar, GCE Board
1994 – 1997

Dr. Omer Weyi YEMBE

Registrar, GCE Board
1997 – 2006

Dr. MONONO Ekema Hymphrey

Registrar, GCE Board
2006 – 2018

Mr. DANG AKUH Dominic

Registrar, GCE Board
2018 – Present

The GCE Board’s Mission

The mission of the Cameroon GCE Board is the organization throughout the National Territory of the following Examinations, in conformity with Law No, 98/004 of 14 April 1998 laying down guidelines for the Education in Cameroon;


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