Accounting assistant profession: Studies, salaries and more

 Here we have some information you might find helpful on the Accounting Assitant or Assistant accountant as some might call it. So, without any further bla bla bla! let’s dive straight into the Accounting assistant profession: Studies, salaries and more.

The accounting assistant performs basic accounting tasks: he or she receives and processes supplier invoices, sends payments and transfers, and manages unpaid bills. He or she also participates in the preparation of the annual accounts.

They prepare and file tax returns and help with account reconciliations and annual budgets. These professionals work under an accounting manager or a CPA. This entry-level to mid-senior position requires at least a bachelor’s degree.

Business description

The Accounting Assistant is responsible for basic accounting tasks, in particular accounting entry work. However, his missions can be more or less extensive depending on the structure that employs him.

Working in very small businesses and in accounting firms generally involves more responsibility and versatility. Also, it is not uncommon for the accounting assistant to have more extensive tasks: follow-up on unpaid bills, follow-up of invoices, verification of the company’s accounts (i.e. outflows and inflows of money) and keeping books of purchases, sales and banks, preparation of accounting documents necessary for the proper functioning of a company (establishment of VAT declaration, correspondence with Urssaf or the Tax Department, corporate tax), preparation of payslips, declaration of results, preparation of annual accounts in an accounting firm, filing and archiving of accounting documents… 

In large companies, it is often specialized. Also, good knowledge of the use of computer tools is essential (office software, accounting software ). The accounting assistant must indeed be able to use the most widely used accounting software. His work is varied.

He must be meticulous and neat. A sense of responsibility, and a taste for communication, order, method and organization are necessary to feel good in this job.

In a relatively large business or accounting firm, the assistant accountant works under the direction of an accountant or chief accountant

Duties of an Accounting Assistant

The exact job duties of an accounting assistant vary by industry. For instance, healthcare sector professionals may have different duties than accounting assistants who work in banking. Typically, accounting assistants manage accounts receivable and payable, handle payroll, and help with end-of-month reconciliations. Other responsibilities of an accounting assistant may include:

Data Entry: Basic data entry tasks for accounting assistants include logging transactions, recording and reviewing journal entries, creating invoices, and crafting spreadsheets.

Clerical Duties: Accounting assistants may run errands around the office. They handle incoming mail, scan and photocopy documents, and prepare quarterly reports. They also help with year-end audits and bank reconciliations.

Customer Service: Accounting assistants often need to communicate with vendors and customers about invoices and payments. This could be by email or phone.

Employee Expenses: Assisting with payroll is one of the most important parts of an accounting assistant’s job description. They verify timesheets, calculate vacation and sick days, prepare checks, and assure compliance with laws and best practices.

Financial Reports: Accounting assistants help accounting managers create and update financial reports. They work on balance sheets, statements of income, statements of retained earnings, and cash flow statements.

Studies / Training to become an Assistant / Accounting Assistant

To become an accounting assistant, the following training is recommended. If the job is accessible with the baccalaureate level, a baccalaureate level + 2 facilitates career development and taking responsibility. There are many pro license courses that allow you to specialize in a particular area.

Examples of training: 

Standard High School diploma

  • Bac  pro-AGOrA – assistance in the management of organizations and their activities (ex bac pro GA – management-administration)
  • Accounting assistant certificate 
  • Assistant Accountant

High School diploma + 2 

High School Diploma + 3

  •  management of companies and administrations option accounting and financial management
  • administrative and accounting management 
  • diploma in accounting and management,
  • Vocational bachelor’s degree in management and accounting: accounting for the real estate sector
  • Vocational bachelor’s degree in management and accounting and management of associations
  • Vocational bachelor’s degree in management and accounting management of associations
  • Vocational bachelor’s degree in management and accounting and payroll 
  • Vocational bachelor’s degree in management and accounting management control
  • Vocational bachelor’s degree in tax management and accounting
  • Vocational bachelor’s degree in management and accounting and financial management
  • Vocational bachelor’s degree in management and accounting responsible for client portfolios in a consultancy firm
  • Vocational bachelor’s degree in management and accounting audit

Accounting Assistant Salary

An accounting assistant’s income depends on factors like education, experience, location, and industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks earned a median annual salary of $45,560 as of 2021, while accountants and auditors took home a median of $77,250.

The BLS projects accounting and auditing jobs to grow by 7% from 2020-2030, as fast as the average for all occupations. BLS projections indicate a 3% decline in jobs for bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks during the same period.


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