Northwest Region

The Northwest Region of Cameroon or North-West Region (North West Region of Cameroon) is one of the two English-speaking regions (part of the Southern Cameroons) with the Anglo-Saxon system of education.

Bamenda is the regional capital of the Northwest region. This region is found in the western highlands of Cameroon bordered to the southwest by the Southwest Region, to the south by the West Region, to the east by the Adamawa Region, and to the north by Nigeria. Various Ambazonian nationalist and separatist factions regard the region as being distinct as a polity from Cameroon

Northwest Region of Cameroon

In 1919, the Northwest Region became solely administered by the British Empire.In 1961, the region joined Cameroon. Separatists from the Ambazonia administration regard both the Nord-Ouest (Northwest) and Sud-Ouest (Southwest) regions as being constituent components of their envisaged breakaway state.

When it comes to natural attractions, one can talk of Mount Oku which is the second-highest mountain in West Africa.

The Northwest Region is administratively divided into 7 divisions each of them headed by an SDO(Senior Divisional Officer).

The most spoken languages in this Region are; Mungaka, Limbum spoken by the Wimbum people of Donga Mantung Division; Yamba, spoken by the Yamba people and Donga Mantung Division; Bafmen, Oku, Lamnso, Ngemba, Pidgin English, Balikumbat, Papiakum, Moghamo and Nkom.

Northwest Region of Cameroon


In the educational domain, many primary and secondary schools with universities such as st Louis university institute of Health and Biomedical Science and Catholic University of Bamenda both private and governmental help the inhabitants of the Region to be educated. The key Government University here is the University of Bamenda.


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