When will the GCE 2021 results be out?

QuestionsCategory: GCEWhen will the GCE 2021 results be out?
Ernest asked 2 months ago
Hello guys, I will like to know when the GCE 2021 results will be released. There are a lot of news circulating and I am kind of getting inpatient.

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Edukamer answered 2 months ago

Hi Ernest. Welcome here. Please Cameroon GCE 2021 Release Date hasn’t been made public yet. The reason for the unintended delay in the publication of results is because GCE 2021 Marking Session: Ongoing In Buea, Limbe hasn’t officially shut its doors.

We will keep you guys updated. Once the results are published, you will be able to check from here

replied 2 months ago

OK, thaks. they should hurry u with it. we are getting inpatient

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