One million students and farmers to get scholarships & agric loans under Prof. Imumolen’s empowerment in Nigeria

One million students and farmers to get scholarships & agric loans under Prof. Imumolen’s empowerment in Nigeria. Before the February 2023 presidential election in Nigeria, a total of one million Nigerians are set to benefit from the Professor Christopher Imumolen-sponsored scholarships and agricultural loans and grants scheme.

Imumolen, who at 39 is the youngest presidential candidate in the 2023 election, explains that these awards are in line with his promise to back the campaigns with action, rather than with mere rhetoric.

He also added that he would show practical examples of what he’d do if elected as Nigeria’s president by prosecuting an electioneering campaign that offers solutions to the myriad of problems Nigerians are facing.

Announcing the latest phase of largesse he intends to dole out to both students and farmers, Imumolen said 500,000 students would get degree scholarships while the same number of farmers would get loans and grants to support their agricultural ventures.

“We have concluded plans to award a new set of students and farmers scholarships and loans to facilitate both their academic and agricultural activities,” Imumolen disclosed in a news release made available to The Guardian.

“The gesture is in line with our promise that we shall prosecute a result-oriented presidential campaign where our people will feel our impact, as well as get a foretaste of what it would look like if I become Nigeria’s president come 2023.

“Besides, we would be using these humanitarian gestures to tell Nigerians that we are a new breed of politicians who are pragmatic in our approach to solving their problems than making mere promises that are seldom kept.

“What we are doing is not new. It has always been in our DNA to reach out and touch lives in a positive way over the years.

“In the last 15 years, we have affected more lives in our private capacity than even some government agencies with humongous sums of money as yearly budgets have.

“In over a decade and a half, over 500,000 students have been supported with funds to run their education in several tertiary institutions in Nigeria up till graduation. And the interesting part of the story is, we didn’t do these things because we expected to be rewarded or foresaw taking part in any presidential elections.

“The same thing we’ll be doing for our farmers who have also been given loans and grants to run their agricultural activities.

“We have also empowered many women and youths in the area of skill acquisition and loans for small and medium scale enterprises (SME’s),” he said.

This latest gesture follows the one he did in Kabba (Kogi State) and Sango Otta (Ogun State) recently where over 4,000 students benefitted from his scholarship program.

In Kabba, each of the 2,000 students pocketed a princely ₦2million to run their educational programs.

Lucky beneficiaries of the upcoming exercise, he says, would get their scholarships and loans before February 2023, the very month the presidential election will hold.


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