How to Buy WAEC Scratch Card Online in 2022

How to Buy WAEC Scratch Card Online in 2022. If you are a student trying to check your WAEC results using scratch cards, there are multiple ways to purchase scratch cards online. However, if you are looking to buy WAEC scratch cards and sell them at higher rates, there are a few ways to do this right and profitably.

Coupled with the nervousness of unknown grades, the difficulty to purchase WAEC scratch cards online leads to frustration among students.

You can get WAEC scratch cards online from vendors who sell them if you are just trying to check your results online. Before doing that, there is a way to check your WAEC result online without a scratch card.

If you were scammed on an unknown website or by a vendor, there are a few ways to check your WAEC results without a scratch card or buy your own scratch cards online.

Checking WAEC Result With Exam Card

Visit the WAEC result-checking website. To find the website, type “WAEC result checker” in your browser’s search tab and enter. The first website that pops up is the right one. The URL of the site is

Carefully input your details on the left side of the site. You will need to enter your examination number, examination year, and candidate type. You are a school candidate if you did your WAEC exam in a school.

Input your pin and serial number from the card and submit it. Your result should pop up immediately.

If you have trouble doing this or you lost the card, you can buy scratch cards online using the methods below.

How to buy WAEC Scratch Cards Online

There are two ways to buy WAEC scratch cards online:

  • Buying from Vendors
  • Buying from websites/platforms

Buying from Vendors

There are many online vendors who already stocked WAEC scratch cards so you can just purchase any amount you want. You can also purchase NECO scratch cards from these vendors. They get their scratch cards from websites but they add fees so they can get profits.

You can find people like this on WhatsApp and Facebook. Remember to make sure that they are not scammers, by checking reviews from students like you.

The WAEC card is usually like a graphic. Use the details to check your results immediately to confirm you were not sold a fake one.

Some of the vendors are university students who help aspirants in Facebook groups and whatsApp.

Buying from Websites

There are several websites that are the source of the WAEC scratch cards. All the vendors usually purchase their scratch cards from these source sites.

One of these sites is the TDC Mobile store and we will use that as a model to explain how to buy your scratch cards.

  • Visit the website or the app
  • Log in or sign up for an account
  • Fund the account
  • Look through the menu and check for where to buy scratch cards
  • Click on WAEC scratch cards and select generate pin
  • Enter the number of WAEC pins you want to generate

This is the model system of all the websites that sell WAEC scratch cards online. You just need to sign up and fund the account before proceeding to buy the scratch cards.

You can buy as many scratch cards as you want through these websites.

Websites to buy WAEC Scratch Cards Online

Here are some of the websites that sell WAEC scratch cards online:

E-Pin Mall

This is one of the best websites to buy WAEC scratch cards online at one of the lowest prices you will ever find. Although the cost is a bit higher than other mobile stores like TDC, the service is commendable.

E-Pin Mall is a platform that provides educational services to Nigerian students, and this includes helping students check their WAEC results.

This website sells original WAEC scratch cards online. You can use the scratch cards five times to check your result, and payment is made with your ATM card. You can also make payment through bank transfer and the scratch cards will be sent to your email.

After purchasing your WAEC scratch cards on E-pin mall, you can recover the scratch cards whenever you want in case you lost them. Simply login to your E-pin Mall account and go to history.  You can check all your past transactions and see the scratch cards there.

Jumia Pay

You can buy WAEC pins on Jumia Pay at very low costs. The idea of where to buy WAEC scratch cards online is that many of the places where you can buy airtime may sell scratch cards as well.

Jumia Pay is a financial servicing system and you can get WAEC scratch cards there. Download the Jumiapay app or visit the website. Sign up and log in to your account by following the screen prompts.

On your dashboard, there are various options and one of them includes buying scratch cards. Select the scratch card type (WAEC) and enter how many cards you wish to buy.


Remita is one great financial service provider in Nigeria, and you can get WAEC scratch cards at cheap prices here.

To buy the scratch card, visit remita website or type “buy WAEC scratch card remita” on your browser’s search tab and look for the remita website. Click on it and the page will display an entry tab to purchase the cards.

Click on the “name of service” field and select the WAEC result checker pin. Enter the amount to pay and select a currency. Enter the payer’s name and email address. Complete the captcha and submit it.


You can buy a WAEC scratch card on this website at average costs. Visit the website and scroll down. Click on the WAEC result checker and enter your name, phone number and email address.

The cost of the scratch cards changes often and the reviewed price is always displayed. Simply click on the plus button to select the number of scratch cards to purchase and proceed to payment. Enter the required information and make payment and you will get the scratch cards immediately.


Payteller is another financial service provider that sells WAEC scratch cards online. The site is very responsive and neat so that even new users can understand it.

The cost of the WAEC scratch card is displayed boldly, and the plus and minus buttons (for entering quantity) are boldly displayed too. Select the number of cards to buy and proceed to buy.

Enter the full name, email address and phone number and make the payment. Your scratch cards will be delivered very fast.


VTpass is a notable website where you can buy WAEC scratch cards easily. Visit the VTpass website and click on the WAEC result checker. Select exam type and click on WASSCE/GCE. Enter your phone number, email address and quantity. The price will be displayed automatically. Click on continue and make payment. The scratch cards will be delivered to you after this.


This is a very beautiful website that gives the feeling that your scratch cards are going to be delivered safely and fast. The website sells all types of result pins, from WAEC to NECO to NABTEB.

To purchase a scratch card, you have to sign up first. Sign up and log in to your account. Click on scratch cards and select WAEC. Proceed to make payment without entering any more information since you are logged in.



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