Cameroon GCE 2021 Ordinary Level Subject Reports

GCE 2021 Ordinary Level Subject Reports

Download Cameroon GCE 2021 Ordinary Level Subject Reports PDF. These reports give details about the different subjects details and students performance.

You will also get comments on the different questions and what was expected from students and the goals behind each question.

Recommendations are as well indicated and this should prove important to students as it will give them a good idea of what was expected of them

The GCE Ordinary Level unit is one of the units under the Division of Examination. The Division of Examination is headed by a Deputy Registrar in charge of Examinations while the ordinary Level unit is headed by an  Examination Officer. This unit has its responsibilities and duties which include;

  • Preparation and distribution of Registration Materials.
  • Reception and processing of registration forms from registration centres.
  • Moderation of raw test items.
  • Supervision of the Proofreading exercise.
  • Costing and preparation of practical documents.
  • Creation of Registration and Accommodation centres.

 Supervision and monitoring of practical and written examinations.

  • Supervision of marking secretariats and marking proper.

Cameroon GCE 2021 Ordinary Level Subject Reports PDF

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