GCE Advanced Level Science Subject Combinations (Series)

Many students going in for the A Level GCE do not know much about the GCE Advanced Level Science Subject Combinations (Series). So, we will be discussing it here.

The Cameroon GCE Board has a subject combination system that is called “Series” and each student will have to choose one after they have succeeded in the GCE Ordinary level exam. The minimum number of subjects in each series is 3.

Candidates sitting for the GCE Advanced Level examination will have to succeed in at least 2 subjects excluding Religious Knowledge to obtain a certificate.

The GCE Advanced Level

The GCE Advanced Level (A-Level) unit is one of the units under the Division of Examination. The Division of Examination is headed by a Deputy Registrar in charge of Examinations while the Advanced Level unit is headed by an  Examination Officer. This unit has its responsibilities and duties which include ;

  • Preparation and distribution of Registration Materials.
  • Reception and processing of registration forms from registration centres.
  • Moderation of raw test items.
  • Supervised the Proofreading exercise.
  • Costing and preparation of practical documents.
  • Creation of Registration and Accommodation centres.

 Supervised and monitoring of practical and written examinations.

  • Supervision marking secretariats and marking proper.

The Advanced Level examination is made of Twenty-One (20) subjects. You can read more about the Cameroon GCE A-Level unit here.

GCE Advanced Level Science Subject Combinations (Series)

For both sciences and Arts, the different GCE A-Level Series are donated with the letters “S” and “A” respectively. Again, it letter of the series is followed by a number ranging from one.

The Science series (S-Series) for Advanced level students are enumerated below:

  • S1: Chemistry, Physics, and Pure Mathematics.
  • S2: Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.
  • S3: Biology, Chemistry, and Pure Maths.
  • S4: Biology, Chemistry, and Geology.
  • S5: Chemistry, Computer Science, and Mathematics.
  • S6: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Further Mathematics.
  • S7: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics.
  • S8: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Further Mathematics.

GCE Advanced Level Art Subject Combinations (A-Series)

  • A1: Literature, History, and French.
  • A2: History, Geography, and Economics.
  • A3: History, Economics, and Literature.
  • A4: Economics, Geography, and Pure Mathematics (Mechanics or Statistics)
  • A5: Literature, History, and Philosophy.


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