– mapping work positions in Cameroon online 2023 – mapping work positions in Cameroon online 2023. Ultimate guide on how to go about with the online mapping of job positions for Civil Servants in Cameroon using the MINFOPRA online portal.

The modernization of the Public Administration and the optimal management of State personnel is the major concern of MINFOPRA. Their current ambition is to automate the process of counting State personnel by setting up an interactive website, which will allow regular and efficient updating and will facilitate the control of the workforce through the posts of job.

Mapping is, therefore, an instrument for analysis and strategic forecasting, as well as the management of the workforce of State personnel; it is also a tool for diagnosing and controlling the so-called workforce. The objective is to:

  • List all the workstations of the Cameroonian public administration;
  • Outline the real occupancy rate;
  • To identify the occupations of these positions;
  • Define the needs of forward planning.

Thus, the mapping will shed sufficient light on the current and prospective situation of State personnel, thanks to a computer database fed by the website, the permanent updating of which will be the responsibility of the DEPCE.

What is required to use the MINFOPRA online job positions mapping platform

In order to use the “workstation mapping” application, it is recommended that you follow the following advice:

  • Internet: Internet connection is essential. The “workstation mapping” application may use the SIGIPES interconnection network. In this case, the IT department of the home structure must be able to provide access to the domains necessary to use the application. 
  • a web browser: The optimal functioning of the “workstation mapping” assumes the use of up- to-date browsers in order to benefit from all the functionalities offered by the application.

Workstation mapping/mapping of job positions in Cameroon – How to access the online portal

  The “workstation mapping” application can be directly reached via the following address:

It should be noted that this application can also be reached indirectly via the web portal of the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform through the link mapping of workstationsThis link is used to enter the home page presenting the various links available for the use of the workstation mapping. It also gives access to the information necessary to control the operation, namely:

  •  anouncements ;
  • press releases and advertisements;
  • the user manual of the application. 

Also, it allows those Internet users affected by the operation to be identified. The home page of the “workstation mapping” looks like this: - mapping work positions in Cameroon online 2022


The process takes place in different stages. Here are the three (03) main stages, namely:

  • identification and authentication;
  • updating of data;
  • pre validation.


           When you want to be identified in the mapping management system, it is necessary to provide yourself with the various elements that justify the “career” situation or the job position, this will make it possible to have references to be informed.

Agent identification is the step of ensuring the authenticity of the agent. 

Two (02) scenarios arise:

  •  identification of the agent having a registration number;
  •  identification of the agent being integrated.
  • Regarding the first case, the agent enters his registration number (by selecting the radio button “Registration number” while specifying the format of his registration number through the radio button “Registration number” or six (06) digits a dash and a uppercase letter “000000-Y” or an uppercase letter a dash and six (06) digits “Y-000000”), his full name, date of birth, a login, a password. He is then invited to fill in the captcha field (to be entered in upper case). The purpose of a captcha is to differentiate a real human user from malicious computer program used by spammers and other hackers. 

In theory, when characters are distorted, robots are unable to decipher them. Only a human being is able to read them. By typing this sequence of characters in the space provided, the agent proves that it is not a computer program.


The agent must then click on “create an account” to identify himself. Preliminary checks of its parameters are carried out by the system. If the information entered is correct, the application generates a user account made up of a user name (login) and a password. 

  • As regards the personnel being integrated, instead of the registration number, they must select radio “ECI” and enter the following information: their full name, date, place of birth, sex and marital status when registering. the first operation. The rest of the operation is similar. Automatic generation of a user code and password, and updating of data. 
Workstation mapping guide

Note  : 

  • it is recommended that you choose your registration number as your login;
  • you obviously only have to identify yourself once in the application;
  • the connection will automatically cut off when the system is not used for a certain period of time; 

For obvious security reasons, care should be taken to: 

  • do not entrust your user account to a third party; 
  • close your session in the event of absence (by clicking on the “disconnection” link ). 

      If the password is forgotten, the public official must refer to his direct supervisor who will give him the possibility of changing it.

       The user account is used by the public agent, to update his data only on fields whose information is editable and accessible. 

mapping work positions in Cameroon online 2023 – UPDATING OF WORKSTATION MAPPING DATA BY PUBLIC OFFICERS

Once identified by the system, the agent can start updating his data. In this step, it is a question of updating the information relating to the job, its origin, its career and its pay. Therefore, the application offers the

information contained in the parameters as basic information modifiable by the Internet user, apart from the information collected during identification.

 The data update is done in two (02) main phases. This is the update:

  • personal information of the public official;
  • professional information relating to the career situation and professional information about the job held by the agent. 

These two (02) phases are presented as follows: 

  1. Personal informationC: \ Users \ Olivier \ Desktop \ MANUEL USER \ MANUEL USERR \ New folder \ Screenshot_20180702-212144.png
  2. Professional career information and activity position
C: \ Users \ Olivier \ Desktop \ MANUEL USER \ MANUEL USERR \ New folder \ Screenshot_20180702-212239.png
C: \ Users \ Olivier \ Desktop \ MANUEL USER \ MANUEL USERR \ New folder \ Screenshot_20180702-212247.png

After this update, the data is saved with the secret code previously generated as an identifier. 

It is important to note that each time the data is refreshed, history is created and saved for auditing the system.

PREVALIDATION – – mapping work positions in Cameroon online 2023

At this stage, it is a question of carrying out activities relating to the pre-validation of data by Internet users holding the supervisory role (occupying a position of responsibility). 

This role is assigned to public officials previously chosen from among the holders of positions of responsibility by the administration and administrative units. 

Public officials with this role can consult, validate, reject or lift the validation of the data of the personnel for whom they manage or who are under their authority. 

Once logged in, the supervisor must click on the “My staff” menu to have access to the staff for whom they manage or who are under his authority and who have complied with the exercise. 

Workstation mapping guide

To validate the data of a public official under his authority, the hierarchical manager must select the line corresponding to the public official in the list of personnel present in the table.

The summary of the information of the public official is displayed to him so that he can check the information provided by the agent. 

He can then either validate the data of the public official if he attests to the veracity of these or rejects them in the event of false declarations made by the interested party. 

To perform this operation, the line manager must first select the corresponding status and then click on the “validate” button.

In addition to validating the data of the personnel for whom he manages or who are under his authority, the line manager can also:

  • change their passwords;
  • consult the requests (usurpation of registration number, absence of post, etc.) sent by the interested parties;
  • import their data.


An instrument for facilitating the collection of data on State personnel, the application of “workstation mapping” would then constitute this source of information allowing better decisions to be made regarding the actual administrative situation of employees. public officials and therefore to solve some problems related to the updating of balance data; hence flawless traceability in the management of human resources used in the APC. 

It is therefore up to the executives-trades committed, to be able to test themselves on a daily basis in order to ensure a permanent update of the data on the personnel of the State, according to the various methods of departure of a structure.


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