The University of Douala, Cameroon
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Faculty of Sciences
Higher School of Economics and Commercial Sciences
Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences
Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences
University Institute of Technologies
Higher Normal School of Technical Education
Higher School of Economics and Business Sciences
Institute of Fine Arts
Institute of Fisheries Sciences

(237) 33 40 11 28
Carrefour Ange Raphaël, Douala

The University of Douala, like the seven (07) other State universities in Cameroon, was created and organized by Presidential Decree No. 93/030 of January 19, 1993. It inherits the structures of the University Center of Douala then composed of the Higher School of Economic and Commercial Sciences (ESSEC-1977) and the Higher Normal School of Technical Education (ENSET-1979), founded on April 28, 1977, then transformed into a University on April 13, 1992, following Decree No. 92/74 transforming University Centers into Universities.

The fundamental missions of the University of Douala are:

  • The development and transmission of knowledge
  • The development of research and the training of men;
  • Bringing higher forms of culture and research to the highest level and at the best rate of progress;
  • The procuration of access to higher education to all those who have the vocation and the capacity;
  • Support, development and social and cultural promotion;
  • The development of the practice of bilingualism.

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