Why is the GCE 2021 results not yet out?

QuestionsCategory: GCEWhy is the GCE 2021 results not yet out?
Eyong asked 2 months ago

This is kind of frustrating. Keep seeing artiles about GCE 2021 results but all just rubbish. Why is the GCE Board keeping us waiting nah.

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Edukamer answered 2 months ago

The GCE Board is probably not yet through with compiling the results and the statisitcs. Be rest assured it will be out before school resumption.

We too only share results when they are made available. The GCE Board is still to make the 2021 Results available. Once it(s made public, you will be able to check your results on this page.

replied 2 months ago

Chai they are really making us nervous and some of us can fall for those trying to sell fake results

Rita answered 2 months ago

Also been seeing fake news all over the internet. These websites will give us high blood oh. GCE BOard abeg save us the stress.

replied 2 months ago

Just be patient. The results will surely be out

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