Questions & AnswersCategory: GCEWhen will the GCE 2021 be written in cameroon?
Edukamer Staff asked 9 months ago

When will the GCE 2021 be written in cameroon? Many student are still asking this question and one of the reasons is that some individuals keep sharing fake information about the GCE Start date.

Are you writting this Cameroon GCE this 2021? The official revised timetable indicates the exact date the exam will start.

The exact official date the GCE 2021 will be written is provided below.

1 Answers
Edukamer Staff answered 9 months ago

GCE 2021 start Date: Saturday, June 08, 2021

Per information released by the Cameroon GCE Board, the GCE 2021 will start on Saturday, June 08, 2021 with the Practical session. The practical session will run till Thursay 24/06/2021

The written part of the exam will kick start on Tuesday 29/07/2021 and ends on the 10/07/2021.

You can download the full official timetable from here.