when did cameroon gain independence?

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Edukamer asked 7 months ago

Having your doubts about the date Cameroon obtained idependence? We’ve got your back! Check below for the answer you’ve been looking for.

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Edukamer answered 7 months ago

French Cameroon achieved independence on January 1, 1960 as La République du Cameroun. After Guinea, it was the second of France’s colonies in Sub-Saharan Africa to become independent. On 21 February 1960, the new nation held a constitutional referendum. On 5 May 1960, Ahmadou Ahidjo became president.

In British Cameroons the major question was whether to remain with Nigeria or to unite with the newly independent Republic of Cameroon.

In a UN-supervised plebiscite in February 1961, the south decided to unite with the former French Cameroun, creating the Federal Republic of Cameroon.

So, if we talk of the independence of the Country Cameroon, the correct date is January 1, 1960. It should not be confused with the 11 Febuary 1961 which is the Unification Day, a public holiday celebrated in Cameroon.

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