DWQA QuestionsCategory: BiologyWhat is alternation of generation?
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If your are a Biology student, you probably may have heard of the term alternation of generation. But what is it? Check our short answer to this question below.

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Edukamer Staff answered 2 years ago

This is a type of reproductive life cycle found in some plants and Algae with a dsitinct diploid asexual and haploid sexual stages.

Alternation of Generation is also referred to as Ametagenesis or heterogenesis and is common amaong the Archaeplastida and the Heterokontophyta.

Alternation of Generation is in contrast to animals, in which the only multicellular phase is the diploid organism (such as the human man or woman), whereas the haploid phase is a single egg or sperm cell.

In algae, fungi, and plants, alternation of generations is common. It is not always easy to observe, however, since one or the other of the generations is often very small, even microscopic. The sexual phase, called the gametophyte generation, produces gametes, or sex cells, and the asexual phase, or sporophyte generation, produces spores asexually.

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