In which year did Ahmadou Ahidjo die?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsIn which year did Ahmadou Ahidjo die?
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When did the first president of Cameroon Amadou Ahidjo died?

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Edukamer answered 1 week ago

On November 30, 1989 He died at the age of 65 in Dakar, Senegal.

Ahmadou Babatoura Ahidjo was a Cameroonian politician who was the first President of Cameroon, holding the office from 1960 until 1982. Ahidjo played a major role in Cameroon’s independence from France as well as reuniting the French and English-speaking parts of the country.

Ahidjo resigned, ostensibly for health reasons, on 4 November 1982 and was succeeded by Prime Minister Paul Biya two days later.

Ahidjo was a Muslim from the northern part of Cameroon and served as a radio operator in the French colonial administration from 1941/42 to 1953.

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