DWQA QuestionsCategory: ZIMSECHow can one replace lost ZIMSEC certificates?
Edukamer Staff asked 1 year ago

Did your certificate get missing? Is it possible to replace a lost ZIMSEC Certificate? Check below for the answers to your questions.

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Edukamer Staff answered 1 year ago

No duplicate certificate is issued; one can only be issued with a certifying statement of results. To get a certifying statement of results and application for, which can be found on the ZIMSEC website or at any ZIMSEC offices, should be completed and submitted with the accompanying stipulated fees. Communication will be sent to the applicants forwarding address when the document is ready for collection.

Certificates and academic records which are archived at ZIMSEC, besides Grade seven, Zimbabwe General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level and Advanced level are, Cambridge Examinations Board, Associated Examination Board (AEB, London University (Ordinary, ’M’ and Advanced Level), Rhodesia Certificate of Education (RCE), Zimbabwe Certificate of Education (ZCE), Grade 9 and 11, Standard 6, National Certificate of Education, Rhodesia Junior Certificate (RJC), Zimbabwe Junior Certificate (ZJC), International Junior Certificate (IJC), Primary Teacher Lower (PTL), Primary Teacher Higher (PTH), Elementary Industry Certificate, and Primary and Secondary Teacher Education Diplomas until 1978.