DWQA QuestionsCategory: ZIMSECAre ZIMSEC Certificates/ Qualifications recognized internationally?
Edukamer Staff asked 1 year ago

Want to know more about ZIMSEC Certificates or Qualifications reorganization? Are they recognized internationally? Check below for answers to these questions.

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Edukamer Staff answered 1 year ago

ZIMSEC certificates are recognized and accepted in Africa and abroad. Colleges and Tertiary institutions around the world accept ZIMSEC certificates and qualifications when considering student applications for further education.

Government and corporate organisations across the globe also recognize with much esteem ZIMSEC qualifications, when considering job applications within their organisations.

A few examples (not limited to) of countries that accept ZIMSEC certificates are South Africa, Botswana and all SADC countries, Namibia, Kenya, Malaysia, Cyprus, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Dubai, China.