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Administrative Assistant

TransPerfect DataForce, the world’s leading language service provider, is looking for people in specific countries around the world to participate in a study on user experience for its Artificial Intelligence (AI) department. The purpose of this study is to bring together a variety of images of landmarks and to further develop software and AI technologies. 

To be able to participate, we will ask you to provide us with photos of specific landmarks, taken with your mobile phone. Any information that may be linked to our participants will be removed (faces, phone numbers, addresses, etc.).

Please check out the instruction below on what type of pictures are valid for submission.


Please note that applicants currently residing in the following countries or territories are not eligible for this collection:


Participants will receive an actual compensation of USD 0.75 for each image they deliver that is approved by our QA team. Your images will be reviewed by our QA team and you should receive feedback within the next two weeks.

You can submit (Completing a new form) on behalf of friends and/or family to increase the earnings!

In the NEXT PAGE, you will find a dropdown with all the LANDMARKS by Country that you can upload photos of.

Important: All your Data will be kept confidential and access to it will be limited to those who administer and run the project.

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Bafoussam, Cameroun

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Status: Expired Job type: Full Time Years of experience: < 1 Salary: USD0 - USD100 /Per Hour Publish date: 13 Jun 2021

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