Hygiene: Here are some 06 causes of bad odours in the toilets

Hygiene: Here are some 06 causes of bad odours in the toilets. Despite all the maintenance you do for your toilets and bathrooms, they still give off bad smells. And you wonder what could be the cause. Discover in this article, six triggers of bad toilet odours.

The cleanliness of the toilets is essential in a home. However, sometimes an unpleasant smell can spread through it. And suddenly, the room does not smell really good anymore. We propose in this article, where these bad odours come from and what are the causes.

Clogged toilet drain

Sometimes when we flush, the water regenerates itself, without noticing that there may be a blockage in the drain and pipes. And if the odours persist, the clog is probably deep in the pipes. They thus “rise” from the septic tank through the pipes.

siphon water

The water that remains in the bowl plays an important role, in particular that of not letting the gases escape. When the toilet has not been used for a while, the water evaporates and thus allows the evacuation of these gases. Therefore, this is what triggers the appearance of foul odours.


In case of prolonged non-use of the toilet, the formation of bacteria from the sewer is often unavoidable. They will thus multiply and cause these strong unpleasant odours.

The silicone of the bowl is damaged

When this material is worn or damaged, it can release bad odours.

residue clutter

Toilet paper, hair, and dirt… can also create a clog in the siphon. This is why we recommend that you never clutter the toilet. Use the trash instead!

plumbing problems

If the sanitary facilities are defective, bad odours can be frequent and persistent. Sometimes it is necessary to call in a specialist.


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