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Download Edukamer Mobile App for Android. We launched a mobile app for our website and it is now available on the Google Play Store. To ease the accessing of past exam papers, information on Concours and a lot more, we are encouraging our users to install the mobile App.

Our Mobile app is very easy to use although some blog sections cannot be accessed via the app like the question and answer section.

Why a mobile App?

Based on the statistics we have over the years, about 90% of our visitors come from mobile users. And knowing that it is pretty easier using a mobile app than stressing to google search for what you need. With the app, you get notified immediately any new content is added and its inbuilt search features make finding new content easier.

About Edukamer Mobile App

Download Edukamer Mobile App for Android

As a student preparing for your final year exams, you will need revision resources and past exam papers to be just the ideal resource you will need.

The Edukamer APK is just there to provide you with the right past question papers you need to help you succeed. Edukamer mobile app gives you access to a whopping collection of past question papers for Cameroon GCE, WAEC GCE past papers, Uganda UNEB past question papers, and Zambian ZIMSEC.

Also, for the French-speaking countries, you get to download past Probatoire, Baccalauréat, and BEPC past exam papers.

Why past exam papers are important?

While preparing for an exam, you will need to constantly revise and read your notes. But simply reading your notes isn’t enough. Only by trying out past question papers for the subject in question will you get a mastery of the exam setting.

Again, past question papers will help you know the syllabus to convert and you can use them to put yourself in exam conditions. By doing so, you will become versed with questions and avoid any possible examination stress.

## Edukamer APK features

This is the Mobile Android app for the website The Edukamer mobile App comes with these features

– User login option
– Multilanguage support
– Commenting and marking a post as a favourite
– Stylish category
– Simple UI
Cameroon GCE past papers
– Nigerian WAEC GCE past papers
– Uganda UNEB UCE & UACE past papers
– Useful Lesson notes
– Some corrections to {BAC, Probatoire and BEPC past questions
BAC, Probatoire, BEPC} past papers for Cameroon and other countries
– Push notification to keep you updated
– Advance search form

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