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Advanced and Ordinary level GCE Speco 2021?

GCE Speco 2021

Students while preparing for their final year exams keep looking for GCE Speco 2021. And you reading this article, we are sure you are looking for Advanced and Ordinary level GCE Speco 2021.

We’ve noticed this search term is becoming very alarming. So, we are writing this article to help students see the ups and downs of relying on Speculative Questions (Speco).

Students can for sure rely on speculative questions and succeed in the final exams since the must have treated the questions and mastered the answers. But what happens when thing turn the other way round? Continue reading this article.

GCE Speco 2021: What is this all about?

As we earlier said, Speco is a term student used to refer to expected questions or speculative questions that have high chances of appearing on the final exam. And in most cases, these are leaked examination questions.

Well, Teachers can give students a hint on anticipated questions or topics to come in the final official exam. This itself isn’t a bad thing.

A speco that is from an exam leak could help you pass but can you really say you made it in the exam with all your efforts?

Ups and downs of Speco questions

Speculative or anticipated questions will help students in the case where they where hints from their teacher and not an sort of an exam leak.

In a case where an anticiapted question or a similar question apear on the final exam paper, students who had studied and master the question will sure score great.

But if you turn to rely so much on these Speco questions and non happens to figure on the exam paper! This might be a serious handicap for you as a student.

Furthermore, Some students who rely so much on speculative or anticipated questions might turn to be lazy. This is especially when they are confident the question will figure in the final exam paper. And what they forget to know is an exam can be cancelled or even reset prior to the writing date.

Warning about Advanced and Ordinary level GCE Speco 2021

Speco in the sense students picture it (in most cases leaked exam questions) isn’t a good practice. Just simply focusing on the questions or topic you expect to figure in the exam and forgetting others won’t help your master the subject in question.

And even in cases where the so-called Speco of yours is 100% successful, you might get caught for cheating and will be suspending from taking the exam for years or even forever.

Best practice for students

  • Always read the lesson notes giving by your respective Teachers for the different subjects you are offering.
  • Be active in class and always ask a question where need be.
  • Make it a habit of solving or answering past examination questions to get yourself familiarise with the examination setting and frequently touched or covered topics.
  • Again, do not read or study alone. That right answer you consider on your own might just be the worse answer to ever think of.

Catalogue of GCE Advanced and Ordoaniry past question

These past GCE questions will be of great help to students. Rather than relying on Speco, studying past exam questions will give you a good understanding of certain topics.

You will be putting yourself in exam condition by solving the past questions taking in to account the time allocated for each question

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